Friday, October 1, 2010

I don't like doing dishes.

   Is there any bloggers out there that doesn't like doing dishes? Well, I don't like doing dishes, but, I also can't stand dirty dishes. My dish washers up and moved at a time. What where they thinking? Actually it has been a few years since my youngest left home.... and his reason was the same as his two older sisters was. He wanted to get married. Go figure.
    So beings I don't like doing dishes, I have found a few ways to entertain myself while I do them. Now you might think that I let them pile up....nooo way. like I said, I don't like doing them. so to let them pile up would be even worse.  Now I clean as I go when cooking, and that makes it easier. So, back to how I do them. 1.Talk to a friend on the phone [ use the speaker phone ... hands free, or use a blue tooth]  2. Play music  3. Watch TV  4. Promise myself some kind goo die when I'm  done.  5. Think about what decorating projects I want to do next. 6. Look outside and watch what is going on out there.  Sometimes I do all of these.  OKAY, now how do you do your dishes? Let me know.


  1. I give them a lick and a promise and shove them in the dishwasher as I dirty them. Later I run them through the wash cycle before I go to bed. Hubby empties the dishwasher in the morning. Whalah. Not my favorite chore either.~Ames

  2. Wow, lol, what ever works for you. Thank heaven for dish washers. Thanks for the information on how you do your dishes. Decgal

  3. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to blogging. I just pop my dishes in the dw and run it when it is full.

  4. Oh I am always amazed how 3 people can amass so many dirty dishes in a day. I try to get it over with as quickly as possible. :)

  5. First, I wish I had 2 dw some days... But one get's her done usually. I do hand wash some things. Second, you left a comment on my blog and it was way funnier than you think. My SIL is always saying "Daddy, when you die can I have that?" And my husband and I make fun of her(behind her back of course)... So this is one item that she won't be getting. Thirdly, Kim from Savvy Southern Style is a goddess when it comes to her decorating, so I have a few things I've asked her for when she goes, all in good fun, but I'd still like to have them:)

  6. How do I do dishes???
    um...I don't. Kenmore does! And she's not moving out!!!! haha
    Seriously...that's the ONLY chore The Man has to is pour the liquid in and press start. I'll happily save clean dishes. Dirty and I don't get along too well ;)

    Welcome to blogging sweets! Thank you for being a follower of mine and thank you for the RED comment. Not too many people in Cali are happy right now...your state has gone through a lot lately. I just don't know how y'all can afford to live's SO expensive!!! Maybe things will change for the better soon...we just gotta keep on praying :))))
    Woooo hooooo! The weekend is upon us...have a good one!

    oh. ps....
    you cannot ever never ever NEVER make a mistake on your blog!!!! It's impossible :)
    well...the only mistake you can make is not to have FUN!!!!!

  7. I'm the dish washer around here too! If I don't do 'em, things get ugly:@)
    Nice to meet you, I think your roaster oven gift idea will be well received! I have a 6 quart, but up until this year my turkeys were always over 22lbs. Now I'm going 12-14, might look into one reduced after-season myself! Hope to see you around Blogland:@)

  8. Hi,

    No.. I don't like it neither! But what I hate the most is washing my shower! LOL

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  9. Hi, and thanks so much for stopping by. I love new friends.

    Well, most of the time, I use my dishwasher. Since there's just the two of us now, we both do a little handwashing.

    I'm signing up to follow and hope you come see me again soon.
    xo bj