Friday, August 5, 2011

French style clock. Paint this or leave it alone?

                           What would you do paint this frenchy looking clock or leave it alone?
                    This has raised details and would look great painted with some light staining

                                                Look even the sides and back has raised details

 Well, let me know what you think paint or not to paint? Oh, did I mention that I only paid 1 dollar for this lovely little clock!!!

                                                      And the clock even works, yaaaa.


  1. So pretty. I would paint it and then dry brush antiquing around the raised parts. Just an idea!

  2. Oh, if it were mine I wouldn't paint it. I love the original painting on fact, I enlarged one pic and pinned it. You were so lucky to find it and the price...unheard of. :))
    I love your blog and just became your 14th follower.
    xoxo bj

  3. Okay, so now I'm confused even more to paint or not to paint. Usually this is not a problem of what to do with a piece of decor. My daughter said don't touch it and threatened to steal it when I'm not looking. I can't even keep candles in my house because of her(she steals them, so I hid them) LOL It is kind of a running joke between us. She tells me I have better taste then her. HA She was a single mom for so long that shopping at moms house was cheap and easy. LOL Here is the kicker I light fingered (she wasn't using it) a lovely small piece of decor. from my mom some years ago and my daughter light fingered it from me, the brat. She told my mom and my mom let her keep it.(Grandmothers) Okay you probably think that were a bunch of thieves seriously we're not. LOL Bj, thanks for following me on my blog. I'm getting the blogging down a little more with each post I do. Now if I can figure out how to link to a party? Thanks for the suggestions girls.

    It is a place where you can "pin" favorite things that you see throught an inspiration file. I am just getting started in it but it is so fun. Go over and look around..I think you will love it.
    Now, for linking to parties. For instance,
    WOW ME whatever you want to share at her party. after it is published, right click on your title..then, click on COPY LINK LOCATION...then go to WOW ME WED. page and you will see where you ADD your link...paste your link location (which you just copied) and it will open up another should be able to follow the instructions given in the window. If you try it and have problems, just let me know. I promise it is easy after the first time. (most things are, hu?) Good luck..
    and I hope you just love blogging.
    O, and I love your ideas of adding coconut to the little cho. candy things. I will try that next time. Thanks
    xo bj

    Oh, and I just realized your word verification is ON. You may want to turn it was designed to catch spam but blogger now has a great spam catcher..word verif. isn;t needed now. A lot of bloggers won't leave a comment if they have to go thru trouble leaving one. Of course, it is what ever you want..just wanted to mention it as many newer bloggers don't realize it is even on.