Monday, August 8, 2011

Humble Abode's Booth items for sale.

Do you hate to sale your items that you buy for resale? But, know that is why you have a booth? My husband is good at reminding me by saying  "isn't that why you bought it  in the first place" and "don't you have enough stuff of your own"? Okay, I love the hunt and buy part, it is the sale part that I have a problem with. How about you?

Like this lovely french style clock $25.00 with raised details. Works, battery not included
Side view

Back view

Front view

Angel clock $20.00 a lot of detail, could be repainted any color you want.
Poem at the bottom of wings. Works, battery not included.
 $20.00 This clock is going to be painted antique white a light dry brush stain for a destressed look. Works, battery not included.  
$15.00 the pair of resin fleur de lis hanging planters. They also will be painted  an antique white with a little dry brush staining.   

 Candle holder antique white $15.00 24in. tall

$25.00 Tall blue shell vase with handles 24 in. tall
This lovely cream gold statue of a woman with a glass beaded lamp shade.  $50.00

I'm going to cry when she sales. Thank you for looking  Decor. Lady


  1. Girl...if you love it so much that you are going to cry...KEEP it...sell something else you don't love so much. I am so sorry many times when I got rid of something I really liked!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I've sold things and then give the world if I could get them back.:))

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