Friday, August 12, 2011

Going to get some of my Sister's things tomorrow, this is going to be hard!!!

My sister Nancy passed away six years ago this October after three years with liver decease (she needed a transplant). I know what your thinking she drank...that could not be further from the truth. This women didn't drink, unless you want to count having a cup of tea. The doctors couldn't find a reason for her liver to just stop functioning. My brother in law was so strong during her illness and I thank God for him. When she first passed away he asked me if I wanted any of her things, but I wasn't ready for them just yet so, I told him not know, maybe later. So here it is LATER. He is getting married again and I'm okay with that. My sister would not want him to be lonely.  Now, I need to go over to his house and pick up some of her things. I haven't been over there for some time now. He pulled away from the family shortly after her death, and I think we were to much of a reminder for him to handle. So, I emailed him that I wanted some of  her things and he emailed back to come over tomorrow and pick them up. This is going to be a really hard day for the both of us. I look a lot like my sister only I'm seven years younger. We were the best of friends. She was my confidant and the wiser one of us. I miss having a cup of tea, and the great conversations we shared together. Sorry that this is so sad of a post, but I need  prayers for closure. What do I ask for, what do I want, and what will he let me have? These are the questions that are going around in my head. Did I mention that his wife to be her name is NANCY soooo strange !!! This bothered me the most. Well, this is longer than I wanted to write, but I'm starting to feel a little bit better now. My eyes are telling me that I'm out of tears for now. Has anyone gone through this with a sister that has passed away, and what did you do about her things? Let me know. I found a sister poem that fits my sister. A sister smiles when one tells one's stories - for she knows where the decorations has been added. Don't you just love that? The tears have stopped now and I'm going to make me a cup of tea. Call your sisters today and tell them that you love them. Here is a funny thing that my sister did to me a long time ago. I had two lamp shades that really needed to be replaced and Nancy kept telling me to replace them or she was going to take them down and stomp on them and make me replace them nag,nag,nag. Finally I bought new ones and as I laid the old ones down on the floor she gave me a funny little smile and started to stomp the heck out of them. Nancy, said " now they look better". lol with tears in my eyes Thanks for reading my post. Cindy


  1. I'm sorry, Cindy. My prayers are with you. I really believe that the Lord will give you strength so that you can pick up your sister's things. Hugs.

  2. Hi Cindy, I see this is an older post so by now you have been through your sister's things. My heart goes out to you! Hopefully the things you keep will be a constant reminder of the good times you had with Nancy.

    Thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my blog. Take care.

  3. Very nice story about your sister and an appropriate title for your blog.

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas. I hope things are well....miss hearing from you.