Sunday, December 9, 2012

Absent way to long/getting my sister's things.

    Absent way to long, but I am back. Life sometimes throws you unexpected curves when you think what else could go wrong. Last year was a major over load for me. Anyone of these life curves would not of been so hard to handle, but there were way to many. I am not going to write about them, but only to say I am blessed that none of them were a divorce or a death in the family. When it is your adult children that need your undivided give it. I have kept up with reading blog posts just not posting myself.

   Now, for what my brother in law gave me that belonged to my sister who passed away. Read prior post [This is going to be hard.] for more information on my last post on my sister's things. After six years from when my sister died I was given her things from her husband. I am very grateful for all that he gave me. Below is what I was given.

  Here is an antique French console table that was my sister's for a long time. The color looks black, but it really has a dark patina. Sorry for the bad pictures.

                             The details on the front of  the table. Below is the legs of the table.


My sister used this table for pictures of the family under a long window. I am using it for my desk in my office/ foofoo room. I love touching it knowing her hands touched it.

Here is the most comfortable rocker ever that was my sister's. Rocking in it gives me comfort and peace.

He also gave me some of her costume jewelry. Rings, necklaces, broaches, clip on earrings, cameos, and chains.

This is a tiny little beaded purse that was hers. Is it not sweet. I collect vintage beaded purses. So this was special.

Dark grey beads.

Gold and amber cameo.

Some of her pearls.

A pearl broch

A close up of the tiny little gold beaded sweet.

A crystal beaded necklace.

Her antique bed. This in my guess room and it will be done in French blue.

This is the details in the head board.

He gave me the best gift of all ...her bible. Well, what do you think? I think I was well blessed to receive so many of her things.
Thank you for looking at my Humble Abode

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