Sunday, December 30, 2012

French style cabinet sell or keep this????

  Sell or keep that is the question for this lovely cabinet. I found on CL and bought it for $10.00... I thought it was a great buy for the price. This is the cabinet before I painted it French antique. [ my color that I mixed up] It was an old radio cabinet that is solid wood. She was in need of a major make over.

This is my grand girl standing next to the cabinet so you can see how tall it is. It is 3 foot tall.

I love these handles...the details are beautiful. I left on the handles when I painted it for an aged look.
         After three coats of paint I lightly distressed it and then applied the stain for an aged look.

          I stained the wood and handles with Minwax dark espresso stain. Doing a section at a time using a rag and wiping off with a clean rag after just a minuet. Leave on longer if you want a darker look to your wood.
I am painting the inside a white wash of the same paint that I used for the outside only using one coat.

                                                      Here she is finished and looking pretty.

                                   This is the actual color of this cabinet. Love these handles.

 So sell or keep? I don't usually keep furniture I buy for a redo and sell item, but this one I have a need for like in my bathroom.

Thank you for looking Humble Abode


  1. Oh I was thinking how great it would look in a bathroom! :) Keep!

    1. That is just what I was thinking. Great minds think a like. LOL.

  2. Your cabinet turned pout so pretty. Love the handles too.
    If you have a place for it, why not keep it. Your newest follower, Linda

    1. Thank you for following me and looking at my post. I am keeping the cabinet it will be well loved and used.