Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Christmas tree is a fake, this is a first for me.

         This year I thought I might try out a fake Christmas tree. My husband wanted a real one like we always have had, but then I got a deal on one that I couldn't resist. I was out and stopped in for a peek at the American Cancer Society thrift store last week. There were so many people there I asked one of the clerks what was going on and she said we are having a 50 percent off store wide sale. Yaaa.

    I walked around and bumped into a long large box sitting on the ground. The writing on the box said 7 and a half foot Christmas tree. The picture of the tree looked really nice and full...but, what was the tree really like inside of the box. One of the clerks opened up the box for me and to my amazement this tree looked new if ever used. I looked at the price and it was $30.00. Wait, did she say 50 percent off store wide? Did this mean the fake tree to? Yep. I got it for $15.00. I am in love with this tree just like the picture on the box it is nice and full. Here is the tree decorated. What do you think?

 Here is the best part about a fake tree
1]You can bend the branches in the direction that you need them to. Can't do that with a real one.
2]They don't need to be watered.
3]You don't need a tree holder.
4]The needles don't fall out.

Here is the bad part about a fake tree.
1]They don't have that nice pine smell.

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